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time for a new blog,I started it a month ago but totally forgot to write it here!So this is the new one,enjoy ;

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Woke up at 10 by my man who just made a wonderful breakfast for me. Paleo apple pancakes with banana,peanut butter and turkish yogurt. Yummm! He left for the gym and Im about to leave to get some blod tests at the hospital. Every month now while being pregnant I have to leave samples so they can keep track on me. It’s because I had problem with my thyroid since I was a kid! have a nice day people



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hormones and cravings

Daily life goes quick suddenly and I find myself in a mix of feelings and emotions. The pregnancy hormones gives their piece to the cake and I’m totally exhausted each night. This week I went with Niels to a meeting with one of the best model agencies in Sweden,I so hope he will be written in with them. It will mean less time apart since he then will be doing jobs around Scandinavia mainly. I also went to my nurse to do a quick check up,everything fine thank god! We got a new bed that we had to install, did food for the upcoming days and bought groceries. I’m eating like a maniac now the latest days and my belly grows each day. My biggest cravings right now is clementines and tea with lemon. Not bad at all! But I do eat a lot more chocolate and candy than before, no gluten though!I still find it very important what I eat cause everything goes to the baby now. I would feel so bad just eating crap food and sugars, forcing her to have it too!No no, so paleo is still on,although I allow myself having the “weekend candy ” as a treat. You have to enjoy being able to get “fat ” for once:)

2012.Niles first visit in Malmö.

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ultrasound week 19!

We had a busy week just catching up on 3 months lost time…it’s nice to have a distance relationship when you meet after a long time,it’s harder the distance and time away!And so, today was the first ultrasound since week 7 when I had to do an emergency one. This time we went through all the babies organs and measured limps etc. Thankfully everything looked perfect and we also found out that we are expecting a little girl. It’s such an overwhelming feeling seeing your little baby on a big flat screen picture. She kicked and tried to suck her thumps and it was just amazing, everything I want to write don’t seem enough in words. Niels took a screen shoot and it was ok quality so I will post it here. On thursday I already went halfway through my pregnancy.scary!!:)

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pregnancy photos week 10-18 :)

Goodmorning! It got pretty late last night grinding a bigger tournament for the first time in 3 months! I won a satellite to a bigger tournament,where I didn’t get kicked out until 02 in the night. I can say I was pretty tired after countless of hours by the computer. But it was fine, spent 10 euros on the entry and won 200 euros from the main tourney,even though I would have loved the 36K price that was the 1st price. Today is the day my man arrives so I’m counting the hours! Many people asked to see my belly so I will post the few pics that I took during the past weeks. When you are sick,the last thing you want is to take pics. So I will be better further on now when I feel better!hmm I dont know why I cant write a caption for the photos but the first one is week 10,second week 12 and the last one is from today week 18!


Week 10!Bild1516Bild1508



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grocery shopping being pregnant

Hey! Since my man is coming tomorrow I thought I might surprise him with a 3 course dinner. I started with the shopping of the groceries today and already did the desert. Man, pregnant and doing groceries is another story. In the supermarket I had to hold my breath several times not to feel all the smells hitting me from every direction. At the cashier the milk can I bought broke and everything was swimming in milk,I just looked at it in panic and then started to cry. (help me,these hormones?!)the woman in the cashier was a nice lady and told me to calm down and to get another milk can. While she turned off the cashier and wiped out all the milk from the products. I told her I was a little bit emotional because I was pregnant as I held my hand over my noose not to feel the heavy milk smell! On my way back (we live 5 minutes from the supermarket) I had to stop 20 times to catch my breath. I was totally dead as I entered the apartment and when I came in the hallway I had to run to the toilet to vomit. So I guess Niels will be doing the shopping when he comes, I can’t really handle it! But anyway I did the desert and tomorrow I will do the starter and the main course :)right now I’m gonna try to satellit into one of the bigger tourneys on ipoker tonite!have a nice eve everyone!

June 2012 me and Pauline in Malmö

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my first week of hyperemesis!

Really, I been waiting extreme long to write this post, I’m afraid that I will be reminded about it all to much. Since it was only 2 weeks ago since my vomiting and nausea stopped it is still very fresh in mind. I can honestly say it’s been one of the worst times of my life having hyperemesis. It all started the same day as I entered w6 of my pregnancy. I remember waking up that cold morning in Holland and feeling a bit strange. Niels was away working and I had to do my own breakfast,usually he does it for me. Nothing seemed appealing and I eventually settled for a plain yogurt,eating out of the box due to laziness. Kardashians where on TV, I just ate the whole cup of yogurt and a big cup of tea and suddenly a nausea so big hit me, I puked straight in the yogurt cup. After that I was more surprised than anything and even worse, a little proud that I just had my first sign of morning sickness,gees….(I had no idea what was in store for me)!

The day went on and I kept on vomiting,every time I tried to drink something. When Niels came home I was a total mess laying in the sofa completely dead. He cooked a dinner in the evening that I managed to eat and I had my last snickers in my life as desert (I could not stand it after that). When I went to bed that night I had a big headache and I passed out before Niels,which is very rare. The following days of that week where even worse, I puked every 20th minute,no matter if I drank or not,eating was not to think about. Headache every night and a tiredness that was unbearable. After 5 days without eating or being able to keep water we called the hospital and I went in to the emergency room. I could barely stand on my legs and I fainted if I had to make the slightest effort! I lost a total of 3 kg just during these days!I was just skin and bones!The doctor admitted me to spend the night in the hospital and put me on iv during the whole staying. The next day I had my ticket to sweden and I wanted to go so bad, after a lot of conversations they let me go. The flight was terrible, I was sick the whole time,but when I landed in Sweden and my mum came to pick me up I was so relieved that I forgot how bad I was feeling!The following weeks I was gonna spend in Sweden with my dear mum, I will write more about that later on.


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school test and cheese crackers

I will eventually do a new category for pregnancy,for those who are interested. But I will keep on blogging about my biggest interests poker and paleo:) Today I finally went to do the test that I haven’t been able to complete for 2!!!??months. It went good,even though you can never be to sure.All I want is to pass the class so I can start some new courses.

On my way back on the bike I started to get really nauseous and sick so directly inside I went to the fridge and forced myself too eat to crackers with cheese. This may sound strange for all of you non pregnant people,but small eating is the only thing that helps. I hope the upcoming months wont be a problem with weight-gaining, when I cross 50+ kg I will make a cake and celebrate 😉 I still have 1.5 kg left until I reached my weight before the pregnancy,48..

So with no more news for now I will eat another cracker and watch depserate housewifes. On monday my love arrives,then it’s almost been 3 months since last time we saw each other.I miss him so much.


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1st of may

In sweden its sunny and warm,a perfect day to be outside.But I can’t help playing a little poker in front of the computer inside instead. Being away for weeks makes you addicted on another level I guess. Had another night where I woke up around 04 and spent 2 hours thinking of everything i should not think of while need to sleep. My back hurts and I don’t know why, it’s not because of the size of my belly but something is hurting like a b-tch every time I lay to long on one side. It don’t help my lack of sleeping either,neither does the constantly craving for foods…welcome to the world of pregnancy I guess :)

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Some questions!

Hows the poker going,what are your future plans with studying and poker?

thought I answer the more common questions I get here in a post. My absence from playing costed me a quite big downswing in my games. It’s a tough and difficult task to do a comeback after 3 months,much harder than one could imagine. So right now I’m playing some tourneys a day, during the days. As pregnant you are wide awake in the early mornings while in the evenings your’e completely dead. So unfortunately my playing is affected by this limitation and I miss out on all the good games. I’m playing with a super small bankroll so the swings wont be so hard either. I do feel limited in many ways and in the beginning this made me depressed. But having to change lifestyle also affected me in a good way. I read more poker-blogs, I enjoy the full day (of sun),I go for walks and I watch a lot of poker after dark on youtube.Non of this I really did have time to do before. The future is still unclear,I do want to keep playing but it all depends how it will suit my lifestyle. I want to study but now I have to wait 1-2 years, maybe that’s even better because then I really know what kind of program I want to read. I am going to take small courses during the pregnancy since I have a lot of time during the mornings when no poker games are on. As you can see there is a big question-mark for me too, I have a lot to figure out:)what I do know is that there wont be much travelling for the upcoming months,so until that I have to look at pics like these and remember the good times;) haha


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new life,fresh start

God it feels so strange to write again after a break for almost 3 months. But it’s time,I miss writing,it’s like my therapy. It’s spring,or actually it’s more like summer,first of may is knocking on our door. I live by the sea, I have a balcony and an apartment twice the size from before.A little upgrade,on monday my love comes to move in with me…right now I’m good,and I’m not sick as before. I bet there is a lot of question-marks on my previous post…it all have a reason and answer. First of all I’m not in an out of hospitals,I even quit 80 % of the medications and I gained weight. Yey for me that was my main goal to gain weight,I have a kilo left until I reached the weight I had before I got sick.

So now to the million dollar question, what was my diagnosis?!I bet 99 % of you never heard of it, it’s a condition called hyperemesis. It affects 3% of the female population and is one of the worst things you can ever deal with. Why it only affect females is because you need to be pregnant to have it, so yes I have bigger news:)We are expecting a baby in the beginning of October and this little miracle is the whole reason why I put up with vomiting and nausea every day for the last 3 months. Out of every disaster comes a miracle I guess:) Right now I’m still super skinny but I have a little stomach and in 2 weeks we will find out if it’s a girl or a boy.

Im excited to start blogging again and this time it will be a huge mix of being pregnant,playing poker and trying living a normal life :)

me and mum 2 weeks ago in amsterdam!

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im alive!


I’m sorry,for the month off…I been so sick that I have been in and out of hospitals,loosing more than 10% of my body weight( 5% more and I would not be here anymore). Literally puking my ass off. For the 3rd day in a row I am a whole day without vomiting or fainting. This has been going on for 7 weeks now,7!!!!?!! That’s why I have an urge now to write,you are not forgotten,just put aside for a while. My diagnosis is not a deadly one,and I’m getting better with the help from strong medications. I will in a different post,much deeper and more informative tell you about my condition. Right now I’m just happy to be able to sit up,today is a good day.I’m making progress with baby steps and I believe that I will be completely back on track in 2-3 weeks. As you can figure my poker is not just happening now,no income;no life. I was lucky to manage to fly to Sweden just in time for the worst period of my life. So here is where I am right now,Malmö,Sweden. It’s hard to describe the loneliness,the pain but the beauty I have experienced all in once. When you are really sick you really get to know your own strength. It’s overwhelming, I don’t find words. I will try to update more regular now when I’m getting better. I wont put any pics of myself at this moment, you can imagine I had better days;) but here is one from another time in my femi

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bästa serierna just nu!

I just realized I haven’t even visited this blog for days,I’m sorry. I do have the best of reasons,I been sick,very sick,in fact eating yogurt and drinking tea(only things I can eat without vomiting).I tried playing some poker,but the nausea takes over completely,so what I really been doing is laying in bed or sofa and watching series. I do have some new series to recommend(the only positive thing from this experience)watch them!they are so good,see one episode and you can’t stop:)

1.Orphan black

2.The black list


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just a rainy monday

I’m down on energy my whole body is so tired,will be taking it easy today. Niels is on a meeting with his agency,next week he will probably leave and be gone until May for modelling. I’m going to Sweden next week,have to do another test for my course in school and have an appointment with my doctor. I hope for some sun here in Eindhoven,it’s all a little to grey and I surely need some energy.Here is a pic of me and my love from our last visit in Sweden! I tried to take a pic of myself right now but I think I keep it to myself haha.Somedays are just not made for photos;)

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farmers market for 25 euro

Hey people!sorry for the lack of updates but I been very busy. Today it’s finally friday and I’m going to grind as never before. It’s rainy and grey outside so I never went powerwalking like I usual do but just to the market to get our ransom of stuff.Niels is working in the shop and I am home alone,I love playing poker when it’s raining,just lovley.This is what we usually buy at the market…vegetables and egg and raw milk,it’s cheap just 25 euros for everything!!


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my diet.

To eat healthy and live optimal has growing more important each day for the latest 5 years. I listen to podcasts while playing poker,while taking powewalks and google information more or less everyday. It’s not just a hobby for me it’s a lifestyle. I don’t hate gluten or sugar but I don’t feel that it’s something I want to eat on a daily basis. Sometimes I can have a croissant or a nice desert containing gluten but it’s rare and on special occasions. When the time comes and I will have a family I want to raise my kids on a paleo diet. For me it’s obvious that this is the way one should eat. Niels is eating the same way as me and been doing that since we meet 2.5 years ago. We can’t stress enough about the health benefits we have felt since eating this way. What we mainly avoid is sugar,processed food,gluten,vegetable oils and fats. We are not the most strictes paleo followers,we eat rice,sweet potatoes and sometimes normal potatoes. I love food and I would never go on a diet just eating the same stuff.It’s important to be versatile with what you eat and I think I have the optimal diet.I don’t understand people who defend gluten or sugar even less people who feed their kids that stuff. I think it’s a form of child abuse to give your kids food or drinks that result in obesity or sickness.


Paleo Diet Recipe Primal The Top Ten Foods 10

So this was a short describtion about paleo and why I eat the way I do. Now I’m going to sleep soon,finished early with poker today. Niels is having a shoot early tomorrow for some brand here in Holland so he is already in bed!night peeps

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Cinnamon baked plantana and almond pancake,paleo breakfast

Today is the best pokerday,endless of good tourneys to come!I started the day with an almond pancake with cinnamon baked plantana,peanut-butter and yoghurt. The sun is shining and I just had a walk in the park while Niels did some exercises.Feel that this will be a good day:)hope you are all fine!Now time to start!

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speaking of views

Niels started to work extra for a cloth store before he leaves for modelling a longer period. I started with poker again,it’s super easy now when I can play with the same accounts for 3 different poker sites. Today I did yoga,had breakfast and then started to play. This whole weekend will be focused on poker. This photo looks so funny,I hate walking and standing in ski boots cause it looks like I need to pee haha…(just like here)anyway the view,THE VIEW,what you see behind us is not snow or ice,its clouds and tips of glaciers…DSC01685

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After 12 hours of driving through France,Luxenbourg, Belgium and Holland we finally arrived safe and sound. No matter how much I love vacation and travelling it’s always nice to be home. I just went through some pics from our trip and will post them here instead of writing a big essay about it all. Think it sums up everything pretty fine!

DSC01664DSC01691DSC01698 DSC01682 DSC01666 DSC01672

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today I been

Today the weather was a bit cloudy and there was a big fog laying on the pistas. I hate skiing when I don’t see anything,I’m not an extreme sporter nor like living on the edge.The 3 S goes for me, Sun,Safe and Slow and the 2 days we have left here I hope for some more nice weather. Today I went with my man skiing and then we ate a big lunch and had a sauna and steam-bath in the afternoon.

1555557_10152150119215239_1889242987_n 1538764_10152141027950239_1911477549_n

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val thorens semester

I’m skiing the whole days and drinking coffee and wine during the evenings.It’s around-5 to -10 during the days but with sunshine so Im happy!Yesterday we went to one of the highest points here.I seen many beautiful places in my life but that point above the clouds and in the middle of all glaciers was by far on my top 5 list!

DSC01665 france


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vacation in france

we arrived yesterday evening and been skiing the whole day.Its been minus 10 an windy but I love it here..Im writing from my ipad so Im not keen on writing some huge post! Anyway im going to watch a movie and get some rest for tmrw! Night


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hi Holland,bye Holland

Tomorrow we will leave for France to have a full week of skiing.Its with shattered feelings Im leaving the safe ground to go skiing for the first time in 15!?years,yes I know what u all thinking,Im that old ;)anyway tomorrow I be sitting in a car for 12 hours and wont have that much to blog about. So I thought I drop by to give you a picture of me and ma man from yesterday. By the way,I finally got instagram, like 3 years after everyone else but hey,find me there on ;eufemiapaulina

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good investments for year 2014

I just woke up and had a breakfast, yeah I know it’s unfashionable late but I was dreaming that I worked for the Swedish government trying to catch a spy…so I guess anyone would have stayed in bed. We just arrived in Holland and yesterday I bought myself 2 Christmas gifts, a stationary computer and a samsung pad. 2 of the new years resolutions was to increase my tournaments per month and to invest in stuff I really need. So the easiest way to increase my games is to by a new computer that allows me to have more tables up,no?at least that is how I think, oh well the pad is just because I hate travelling with my laptop so I needed something smaller and more easier to watch movies et.c. I think they are both good investments:)

Remax Super Thin Series for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 S View Smart Back Housing Leather Stand Case - Samsung Back Covers~

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leaving for holland

The month in Sweden went super fast,today is the last day.In 5 hours the flight leaves to Holland! Can’t believe how fast the time went this year,one year ago I was living in Brazil!!?!crazy!!I’m about to pack all the stuff and clean the apartment but wanted to drop by and say a quick hello. Found this pic from last year when we where flying out from Rio,thought it was pretty funny haha…my mouth is full of chocolate and niels wanted to take a pic of how brown we where to have something to compare with after some time in Europe…really bad:D


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